Micronesia & Pacific Islands (2 shows) (Physical DVD)

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MICRONESIA: Micronesia, a little known region in the Pacific, comprises over 2,000 islands, of which only about a hundred are inhabited. With almost a quarter of the world's atolls, this region boasts some of the best diving in the world. Traveller Megan McCormick begins her journey on modern westernised Guam, then flies to Pohnpei, the capital of Micronesia, and after a stop in the state of Chuuk, goes kayaking through the magnificent rock islands of the Republic of Palau. Finally she goes cycling on the ancient land of Yap and attends the island annual celebrations. Along the way:

  • Visit the archaeological ruins of Nan Madol - the "Venice of Micronesia" - scattered on tiny islands linked by canals
  • Hike through the stunning lush vegetation in Pohnpei
  • Search for the hump- backed turtles at Ulithi Atoll
  • Go wreck diving in Chuuk
  • Dive with Manta Rays in Yap's Miil Channel

PACIFIC ISLANDS (FIJI, VANUATU & SOLOMON ISLANDS): Situated in the South Pacific midway between Papua New Guinea and Polynesia, these tropical islands, once infamous among explorers for head hunting and cannibalism, are now better known by travellers for their pristine waters and colourful reefs. Traveller Ian Wright begins his Pacific adventure diving in Fiji. From here he flies to Vanuatu to meet a tribal chief and climb the world's most accessible active volcano. He ends his journey wreck diving where he discovers the bloody World War II history of the Solomon Islands. Along the way:

  • Scuba dive among sunken warships
  • Feed sharks in the Mamanuras Islands
  • Walk through cannibal country
  • Climb an active volcano and peer inside
  • Gallop down the beach on a runaway horse

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
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