The Balkans (Physical DVD)

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Globe Trekker Zay Harding visits the Balkan countries of former Yugoslavia : Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Starting in Kosovo, Zay explores the capital city Pristina, before traveling the following day to Gazimestan, a memorial to a war that took between Serbians and Turks in 1389. Zay moves on to Serbia to attend a traditional farming festival outside the Kalenic Monastery and visit the capital Belgrade. Leaving Belgrade by train, he is off to enjoy another popular festival, The Guca Trumpet Festival where over 4 days and nights, Roma bands and their imitators battle it out in open competition. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina is Zay's next destination. There he visits a museum housed in the site of a tunnel, dug out during the siege of the city from 1992-1995. His journey in Bosnia continues, with a trek high up into the Bjeslasnica Mountains, stopping overnight in Lukomir before traveling on to Mostar. Zay's Balkan adventure ends in Montenegro. Using a traditional log raft to complete the final leg of his journey, he rafts the Tara River Canyon, the deepest canyon in all of Europe and a World Heritage site.

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
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