Rome (Physical DVD)

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Situated halfway down Italy's Western coast, Rome is a vast city with an historic heart. Once only a few villages, Rome became the greatest city of the ancient world. There are now entire countries that owe their calendar, law and language to Rome. Traveller Estelle Bingham starts her exploration of the city at the Forum, the hub of ancient Rome. From there she visits Michelangelo's beautiful Piazza Campidoglio, then moves on to stroll through charming Trastevere. She completes her tour at the Pantheon, one of Rome's great ancient buildings and the resting place of Raphael.

Along the way:

  • Learn how to make Roman pizza
  • Kick start the day with some real Italian coffee
  • View the greatest private art collection in Europe at the Villa Borghese
  • Take a tour of Vatican City, the smallest state in the word, and attend a service with the Pope
  • Visit the impressive Coliseum and imagine ancient gladiatorial combats

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
Region Free DVD - plays in any DVD player worldwide