Pakistan (Physical DVD)

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Pakistan contains some of Asia's most dynamic landscapes. A kaleidoscope of cultures and ancient civilisations it was one of the earliest sites of human settlement. Traveller Neil Gibson begins his journey in the manic metropolis of Karachi where he gets outfitted in the local dress. By train he then travels north to the mystical Multan and onto Lahore. After visiting the legendary Khyber Pass he takes a flight North ending his trip trekking in the Hunza Valley. Along the way:&Eacut

  • Chill out with holy men at the Urs Festival in the Sufi city of Multan
  • Visit Pakistan's cultural and artistic capital Lahore
  • Witness the spectacular desert Derawar Fort
  • Play polo in Chitral
  • Trek into the Himalayas to Hunza and beyond

* The material on this DVD was previously released under the title of 'Lonely Planet'.

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
Region Free DVD - plays in any DVD player worldwide