Iran (Physical DVD)

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Located in the heart of the Middle East, Iran's reputation in the West keeps visitors away from the ancient cities and magnificent ruins that signal its past as the home of the Persian empire. Traveller Ian Wright starts his journey in the bustling capital city of Tehran before heading to the mountains and skiing in Dizin. He travels on to Esfahan via the Caspian coast and Iran's most popular tourist destination. The journey ends at the ancient city of Persepolis built at the height of the Persian empire. along the way...
  • Visit the Shrine of the Eman Khomeini, the holiest site in Iran
  • Go fishing for sturgeon on the Caspian coast
  • Wrestle with descendants of Genghis Khan's Mongolian invaders
  • Witness the Islamic festival of Ashura
  • Visit the magnificent citadel at Bam

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
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