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In the 21st century China's population reached 1.3 billion making it the most populous country in the world. Presently, there are 34 million Chinese living overseas. The migration of Chinese communities across the world means that nearly every country has a Chinatown... In this special edition of Globe Trekker Chinatown, Lavinia Tan, Justine Shapiro and Megan McCormick travel worldwide to explore the magic and mystery of Chinatowns across the globe. Lavinia Tan begins the journey in Malaysia and Singapore where overseas traders led the earliest migrations of Chinese people. Then it's off to Lima to trace the history and influence of the Coolie trade on Peruvian culture. The journey continues from there to the United States, where Justine Shapiro visits San Francisco and learns about the Chinese participation in the Gold Rush of 1849. Meanwhile Megan McCormick explores New York's Lower East Side, home to the largest Chinatown in the Western Hemisphere. After a short trip to London's Soho, Lavinia Tan ends this journey with a visit to Hong Kong exploring the world famous film industry and the 21st century migration of Chinese back to their homeland. along the way...

  • Visit one of Penang's five famous clan temples
  • Try a Chinese spin on the traditional Peruvian dish, guinea pig
  • Learn traditional kung fu from Hong Kong martial arts actors
  • Customize your fortune cookies at San Francisco's Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory


China is the third argest country in the world and houses a diverse population of over a billion people. It's alive with history and culture, and possesses beautiful, magical landscapes that will transport you to another time. One of the oldest civilisations on earth, it has recently opened its doors to the west and as it gains economic strength, begins to shape the 21st century. Traveler Justine Shapiro explores the traditional South West of China, the autonomous region of Guangxi, and the provinces of Guizhou, Yunnan and Sichuan, while Megan McCormick journeys though Central China, from Shanghai to the Yellow Mountains, and from the Yangzi River to Xian, the ancient capital of China. Zay Harding completes the tour traveling through the four provinces of South East China from Guanzhou to Nanchang. along the way...

  • Attend a traditional Long Horn Miao ceremony and listen to their amazing singing
  • Visit the Huangguoshu Waterfalls, the largest in Asia
  • See the endangered Giant Panda
  • Visit a silk factory in Suzhou, the silk capital of China, and attend the temple fair celebrating the end of the silk harvest
  • Walk among the 8,000 terracotta warriors built to guard the tomb of China's first emperor, Emperor Chin


As the departure point for millions of Chinese exiles, Guangdong or Canton, was the origin of most of the Chinese foodthe world knows. Of the 8 major cuisines of China, including Sichuan, Hunanese and Pekinese, it was the Cantonese who first took their food to the world. On this culinary voyage of discovery, celebrated New Zealand chef, Peter Gordon, discovers the roots of this - one of the world's great cuisines.

In search of the roots of Cantonese cuisine, Peter's journey takes him north to the mountain home of the Yao tribe and county of Lianzhou where a small community of this ethnic minority has settled. He meets the local people and cooks succulent spiced pork over an open fire in a Yao tribal house. After picking fresh star anise from the trees, he walks the rice fields of the Pearl River Delta and brews up some rice liquor with a local farmer. In the ancient former capital ofFoshan, Peter explores the health benefits with one of the country's leading traditional Chinese medical doctors and samples some exquisitely healthy dishes.

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong, a bright and dynamic metropolis. Here Peter joins international dragon boat racing crews for a strength-giving feast. He also learns how to make delicious Dim Sum breakfast dumplings with one of the world's leading experts, Chen Xiao Hong.

Next, Peter embarks on a shopping trip to the fabled market of Qingping which specializes in dried food for Chinese medicine. He discovers the Cantonese penchant for weird and wonderful ingredients.

Chaozhou is a city famed for its elegant and sophisticated cuisine - here Peter meets one of its finest chefs to create a beautiful and artistic lobster dish. Cantonese street food is also irresistible and this city has some of the best - Peter can't resist hitting the streets to sample fresh fried noodles, rice congee, eel, and crab.

Across the border in Fujian, Peter visits the tea mountains around An'xi and experiences the organized chaos of the Tea Capital Market where a kilo of the best can cost 1,000s of dollars. He stops over in the glittering city of Xiamen, the cradle of Cantonese fusion cooking and renowned for some of the most delicate and expensive dishes in China.

Finally, Peter steps back in time in search of some simple soul food with the fishermen of Daya Bay. His journey ends with a traditional local wedding feast of delicious fresh grouper steamed with ginger, scallions and yellow beans.

Runtime: 52 minutes per program
Region Free DVD - plays in any DVD player worldwide