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Ian Wright begins his Nordic journey high on a cliff in Stavanger, where he witnesses the extreme sport of Base Jumping. He journeys from Staveanger to Bergen by ferry, which takes him along just 150 of Norway's 21,000 miles of coastline. Ian enjoys a night out with locals and travellers in Bergen and discovers that drinking in Norway requires a small mortgage. The next stage of the journey is from Bergen to Voss by train. The usually highly reliable train breaks down and a taxi is the next best thing. On arrival in Voss a night under canvass at the edge of a clear clean lake and river proves uncomfortable. Morning comes and aches and pains are forgotten as Ian takes on nature with a lesson in river boarding. After that, what better than a sheep's head and a communal vessel of Viking beer?! Ian travels onwards to Stryn, one of Norway: three summer ski resorts. The journey takes two days by coach and Ian has the opportunity to see Norway's mountainscapes at their best, as well as take a short trip in a replica Viking boat. Ian has a go at a telemark skiing åÎ̍Ì_åöÌ__åÎå a traditional form of skiing that combines downhill and cross country styles. To help him recover, he takes a quick sauna. Three hundred miles further north by bus to Tronheim, Ian rents a bike and takes a whistle stop tour of the town. He then travels by train to Lapland, the land of the Midnight Sun. The end of the line comes 330 miles short of Tromso in a town called Bodo, so Ian has to take a flight the rest of the way. Lapland is also known as Samiland and it covers parts of Sweden, Russia and Finland. Ian thumbs a lift from a Sami Reindeer farmer and soon finds himself erecting a Norwegian Labu or tent. This is followed by the staple diet of dried reindeer meat which seems to be the one and only food eaten by the Sami people for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ian is invited to a colourful Sami wedding and feast åÎ̍Ì_åöÌ__åÎå made up of eighteen reindeer! To raise the funds for the final leg of his journey Ian dons wellies, hat and white overalls for three days of fish gutting. The final part of Ian's journey takes him by helicopter to Spitzbergen, the Northern most point of Norway, and a town called New Orlesund. With a greater population of polar bears than humans, this island is the closest stretch of land to the North Pole. The temperatures are way below freezing and the opportunity of ice diving with some resident researchers is to good to pass. Ian finds himself harvesting seaweed in the name of science. The ultimate challenge of Ian's Norwegian journey comes in the form of eight huskies and a sled which take Ian deep into the wilderness.

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