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Bordered by Saudi Arabia and Oman, Dubai is the one of the worlds youngest and cosmopolitan of cities in the world. The city is built on either side of the Dubai Creek with its commercial centre, Deira, on one side and Bur Dubai, the residential and beachfront area on the other. Some of the most striking architecture can be found along Jumeira beach. The most iconic building in the area has to be the Burj Al Arab. At 320 metres high, this self styled 7 star palace is the tallest hotel in the world. Dubai has over 34 shopping malls, so our traveller Megan McCormick tries on an åÎ̍åÎÌøåÎ̍Ì_åÈabaya', the traditional dress for Arabic women at one of the area's most popular shopping malls. Although it's part of one of the more liberal Islamic countries, Dubai still takes its religion seriously. Ramadan is a good opportunity to experience religious tradition and experience the breaking of the fast. Megan talks to Taha who explains what Ramadan means to him. Located at the north tip of Africa, Morocco is a country of stark desert, high mountain ranges and richly cultured cities. Known as the åÎ̍åÎÌøåÎ̍Ì_åÈgreat' desert city of Morocco, Marrakech lies 60 miles from the coast, next to Morocco's towering Atlas mountain range. The city itself is a fusion of Africa, Europe and the Islamic world, divided between the Ville Nouvelle, built by the French in the 20th Century and Medina, home to the souk markets and the famous central square, Jemaa el Fna. Megan McCormick takes a horse drawn carriage to Koutoubia Mosque, which marks the western edge of the old walled city and stays in the Hotel Central Palace. The next day she descends on the markets of the souk to sample the thousands of stalls and myriad of handmade goods found there. Spread over a mile, the souk has remained the centre of life in Marrakech since its inception in the twelfth century. As if all this wasn't relaxing enough, an oasis awaits Megan's arrival; the Majorelle Gardens are the perfect antidote to the madness of the souks. Created in the 1920s by Jaques Majorelle, the gardens fell into decline until their current owner, Yves Saint-Laurent, their current owner, restored them to their resplendent former glory. Back in the Medina, Megan heads for the daily carpet auction that takes place each day after the third call to prayer at about 5pm. Feeding off the creativity and energy of the souk, many artists and architects bought up some of the old town houses in the Medina, which had fallen into disrepair. Megan visits one riad (townhouse) completely hidden from the world complete with its own tranquil garden and fountain. KT's last night is spent at Marrakech's folklore festival. Among the evening's festivities is the performance of traditional Moroccan musicians and artists who carry on through the night with their African neighbours. Marrakech, it seems, is one of the few cities where the modern world sits alongside authentic living traditions.

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